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    San Juan Diego Warm Retirement Home Created by a working class women to improve the quality of life of seniors in our community. A project that involves working in the areas of training that offers the family elements for the best attention of elders, who have contributed to the community and helped to make it enjoyable by all today.

    Non-profit organization created for the construction and administration of a home for elders, which offers activates and programs that improve quality of life and allow the last years of life of our elders to be worthy and full of happiness.

   Day program which offers the families in the Puerto Vallarta area alternatives for the attention and support of their elders by permitting them to enjoy a pleasant space and all services including employment therapy, health and recreation.

    Our goal is to offer to the elderly welfare and personal development, to achieve this we have developed a series of recreational activities which improve the quality of lie of our elders.

Formative Recreation: includes educational activities and crafts which allow us to discover or develop elderly? talents and discover their likes and hobbies.

Cultural Arts: Activities related to the arts, whether as the spectator or participant.

Recreational Tourism: With cultural and recreational purpose, offers the elderly a chance to visit places and get to know customs different from their own. It can be local or external.

Relaxing Recreation: Refers to specific activities such as board games or saloon.

Physical Recreation: Involves these sport activities which promote elders? recreation. It is necessary that our society is conscious that our elders have possibilities of recreation; the recreation of childhood is learning, of youth is relief, of maturity is rest and of old age is life

Program sponsors.

    Being a sponsor gives you the opportunity to change the life of a grandparent creating a bond based on values, have the satisfaction help you feel valued and have a decent life. We invite you to participate in this great project, you have several options to support them.

    Your contribution will allocate resources that kindly we have provided the support of our elderly , Food, medicines and expenses required for achieve provide a appropriate stay in our home.

   To be a sponsor will receive a folder of Welcome as a sponsor of our institution, all information on Asylum and San Juan Diego kit thanks by our, and your card affiliate program.

    The benefits you get are satisfaction participate in a work high social impact, contributing to improve the level of life the elderly in our community and the possibility of exchange experiences your godchild.



San Juan Diego Asylum offers different alternatives to make your donations:

Charge to credit card or debit card.
It's the easiest way to donate. Provides the details of your card when affiliate and select the frequency with which you want to cover your contributions (annual, semiannual, quarterly, bimonthly, monthly). Godparents Asilo San Juan Diego of the amount charged automatically.

Bank deposit.
You can make your deposit at any branch of Banco Banorte with reference numbers that we provide to affiliate to the program. If you later want to simplify this process and become automatic charges to your credit or debit card, you can request this service by calling Sponsors Center Nursing Care San Juan Diego.

Electronic transfer.
You can also donate to the Programme Sponsors through electronic transfers.
1) If you Banorte account, use this information:
    a) Holder's Name: San Juan Diego AC Asylum
    b) Account Number: 0638177644
    c) Reference: Personal Identification Number of the sponsor of five digits. If you do not know your PIN or do
        not remember, contact the ASJD Sponsorship Program, which will gladly provide it.
2) From other banks (Mexico and abroad), use this information:
    a) Holder's Name: San Juan Diego AC Asylum
    b) Account Number: 0638177644
    c) Clabe: 072375006381776448
    d) Bank: BANORTE
    e) Branch: 653 Puerto Vallarta Pier
    f) Reference: Personal Identification Number of the sponsor of five digits.
        If you do not know your PIN or do not remember, contact the Sponsor Program ASJD, where it will gladly
        Bank Address: Paseo Diaz Ordaz 690 Centro, Puerto Vallarta, Jal. CP 48300
        Swift Code: menomxmt
        Intermediary Bank: Bank Of New York
        ABA: 021000018
        Swift: irvtus3n
        If the attempt to make your transfer can not register a referral, call us at Program Sponsors ASJD to identify
        your donation on your individual statement.

Statements and receipts
To receive an impression of your tax deductible receipt, request the Sponsorship Program ASJD
Receipts for tax deductions are sent annually to all sponsors who request to receive an impression. If you request shipment, I will send through a courier to the address you provided to enroll, or to which you have subsequently notified in writing to the Programme Sponsors ASJD.
Amparan receipts donations made in the previous year (January to December)


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